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The Gallery presents the story of Dr David Livingstone. The main themes include Livingstone's early life, his missionary work at Khuruman, his early travels to Lake Ngami and the upper Zambezi River, his Trans-African journey on which he became the first white man to see the Falls known to the local people as Musi-oa-Tunya or Shuungu-na-mutitima, which he named "Victoria Falls".

Other themes include the Zambezi expedition and the last journey, on which he announced more discoveries, his meeting with Henry Morton Stanley, and ending with his death at Chitambo village in Zambia in 1873. The exhibition also shows how his followers carried his body to the coast some 2,000 km away and the final burial service in Westminster Abby. The exhibition contains a large collection of personal relics, documents and photographs showing the life and work of Livingstone

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