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Research interests include the social, economic and political history of Indians in colonial Zambia and the contribution of public history as practiced in museums to academic history and vice versa.

The research interest of the section centres around the current debate on the Bantu problem. Trying to trace the relationships among the different Zambian ethnic groups through a comparative analysis of their material cultures, belief systems, settlement patterns and social organization.

This recently established section holds about 200 plant specimens, mostly from Livingstone area. It is hoped that in future the section can be expanded, including improved storage and establishment of a wider variety of collections.

The Entomology Section includes over 4,000 insect and invertebrate specimens, the largest collections being butterflies, moths and termites

The section houses about 4,000 reptile and amphibian specimens, including snakes, lizards, tortoises, crocodiles and frogs

The section holds over 10,000 bird specimens, representing over 90% of Zambia's recorded bird species. The section also holds a small egg collection.

The section, established in the 1960s, houses about 5,000 mammal specimens from different parts of Zambia, mostly in form of skins and skulls.

The section is the custodian of materials related to the traditional culture and the history of the people of Zambia.

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About us

The National Museums Board of Zambia is a statutory body created through an Act of Parliament, Chapter 174, of the Laws of Zambia with the principal role of collecting, documenting, preserving and presenting Zambia’s movable heritage for public benefit, education and enjoyment. It is mandated to establish, develop and sustainably manage museums in Zambia.

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