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Zambia is a signatory to the UNESCO Convention of 1972, concerning the protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The convention raised concerns such as the need to focus on children as future custodians of the world heritage.

Museums in Africa are now focusing their attention on children, carrying out research and developing programmes that greatly involve children as direct beneficiaries. Children are being targeted as future custodians of the African and global heritage. In many things, children are expected to appreciate and contribute to the preservation and promotion of the African and world heritage. This view is also in line with the Nairobi Declaration workshop entitled "Children in African Museums-The Undiscovered Audience", November, 1997. The workshop embraced the vision for African children on matters relating to the cultural heritage, environment and history. The vision also included the rights of children to museums and all historical monuments. Museums during this workshop were identified to have a big role to play in this global responsibility.

Responding to the above, Lusaka National Museum has designed a programme called Lusaka National Museum (LuNaMu) Junior Arts Club in its education department specially targeting children between the ages of 5 and 16 years. The programme centers on promoting imagination, creativity, innovation and positive social experiences through enjoyment in heritage development. Hands on activities are usually emphasized in the programme.

Among the activities of the programme is the drawing which is based on museum objects. The drawings are based on a particular theme. One of the objectives of this programme is to encourage children to use museum objects to get artistic motifs. The art works are published in the Zambia Daily Mail Newspaper every Saturday. Lusaka National Museum has established an annual art competition on this programme to promote artistic ability and other creative forms among children

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